Lord Dark Mind
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Dark Mind (ダークマインド) is the true antagonist of SuperSpy Luigi. He's caused every disaster Ninten World has ever encountered, and has pulled the strings of every antagonist in the series up to date until Giratina debuted, an was soon revealed that Dark Mind is nothing but a Puppet to Giratina.


He has no emotions. All he wants to destroy everything in his sight. Every tragedy that ever struck a Player was because of him. He kills everyone who dares defy him, but is truly very weak physically and is usually vulnurable to any attack in any of his forms.


[Creation]: After Luigi "defeats" Bill in their first encounter, the Dream World Bill destroyed was rejuvinated with the power of the Star Rod, but one crack in the destruction was left untouched, and thus, Dark Mind appeared from out of the crack and fed off the power of the Dream World.

[Death]: Dark Mind was defeated by SuperSpy Luigi within the crack in the Dream World where he was conceived (what an unintended innuendo...) with the Star Rod, Luigi destroyed his body, dragged his eye out of the Dream World, and knocked it far away, out of Gameworld itself. Dark Mind will never return.


Age: Ageless

Gender: Genderless, But is referred to as a male

Species: Star

Eye Color: Red-Orange

Blood Color: Neon Orange

Orientation: Asexual 

Type: Boss Monster 

Element: Psychic/Fire 

Nationality: Unknown 

Likes: Death, Destruction, Blood, Organs, Suffering 

Dislikes: Happiness, Sunshine, His Minions not obeying commands 

Affiliations: Giratina 

Other Names: Flaming Demon from Below, Flaming Eye 

Homeworld: Luigi's Dream World 

First Appearance: Kirby And The Amazing Mirror (2004)


  • Mind Control
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Psychokinesis
  • Dream Manipulation
  • Lasers
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis



Bill Cipher & Nurse Valentine

Dark Mind treats Bill and Valentine. He ignores the fact that they're living beings and uses them like puppets.

Music used for Dark Mind 

Main Theme: Eclipse (Terraria 1.2)

Battle Theme:



  • Even though Giratina is considred the mastermind, Dark Mind is the true antagonist that's actually active, making sure the minions don't mess up.
  • In older versions of his appearance in the Series, he had speaking lines. But in the present versions, he doesn't say anything besides some muttering that only his minions can understand.