The Filia Clone
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The Filia Clone was accidentally created by Arin and Jon when Jon spilled his drink on the DNA tester along with Filia's hair and creates a disoriented and stupid blue-skinned clone of Filia. A new one was created later, but only lasted for a minute. The Filia Clone is a recurring antagonist/protagonist in SuperSpy Luigi.


Jon and Arin noticed Bill Cipher didn't have a clone of Filia, so they thought they could create one theirselves. They put Filia's hair in the cloning machine, then Jon accidentally spills his Gatorade into the machine, creating a messed-up clone. She only lasted one episode because Luigi threw a bomb into the clone Samson's mouth, making The Filia Clone explode violently.


SuperSpy Agency: Even though The Filia Clone was created to destroy the agents, she doesn't really care about what they do. She even finds them friends.


Age: Technically 1, later on confirmed to be 16

Gender: Female

Species: Clone

Homeworld: Mushroom Kingdom

First Appearance: SuperSpy Luigi (2013)

Family: Egoraptor (Technical father), Filia (Biological "mother." She was created from Filia's DNA.)


"Good night,everybody!"

(After Arin asks if she washed his car): "No, but I threw a rock at it!"

(When first meeting Kirby): "Are you a wizard? If you are, I hope you're a muffin wizard!!!"

(After finding Pikachu):  "It's so cute! I shall name him Sparky!"

"I like peanut butter...."


(After Ross becomes upset): "Lemme tell you something Ross......ducks aren't supposed to be boiled!"


"I shall sing a song. (Loud screech)"

"I like turtles!"

(After finding Luigi) "It's YOUUUU! Heheh! I heard that from a mask guy!"

(After the You! Guy says he loves her): "Who ARE you? Are you my mother?"




Battle Theme: Francis Battle

2nd Battle Theme: Painter Boss



  • Other names for the Filia Clone included Jon's Stupid Mistake, Idiot Filia, Anti Filia, Nega Filia, and Dark Filia.
  • If noticed, the Filia Clone's head always tilts to the left (Besides artwork.)
  • She is scheduled to appear in the next season. The creators liked the character too much to just let her die and appear in one half of an episode.
  • In a model of the Filia Clone created by the Co-Creator in Scribblenauts Unlimited, She appears to make chicken clucks. It's unknown why.