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Link (リンク) is the main protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. He is friends with Luigi and one of the new protagonists of SuperSpy Luigi, but one of Luigi's oldest friends in adventuring through GameWorld. Link is currently the Hero Of Time/Wind and a main Protagonist/Antagonist.


[Submission]: Link didn't even intend to join the Agency. He thought that they would know how to save Zelda. But he joined anyway for that reason--to save the people special to him. Link eventually left to journey back home and returned later on.




Age: 12 or 13

Gender: Male

Species: Hylian

HomePlanet: Hyrule

Likes: Ranting, complaining, fighting, Zelda

Dislikes: Ganon, Bill Cipher, unrealeased Zelda games

First Appearance: The Legend Of Zelda (1986)


"Where's my Wind Waker HD!?"

"Where's my Link Between Worlds!?""

"Where's my Hyrule Warriors!?"

"Where's my Zelda U!?"

"Where's Luigi when you need Him!?"


Main Theme: Ocarina of Time: Title Theme




Link has very short temper. He attacks anyone who gets on his bad side. Link can be brave at times too. He has the courage to save everyone important to him.

Forms Taken


  • Swordsmanship: Link is shown to be very skilled with the Sword, Being able to swing it 360 degrees and shoot beams from it when he has full health. He can do this with almost any Sword.
  • Bombs
  • Shield
  • Fire and Ice abilities
  • Light arrows


  • Link's catchphrase, "Where's my Wind Waker HD!?" is a reference to the Writer's long wait for the game. When a new Zelda game comes out, his phrase changes.
  • Link's clone is the only clone in the series to come from another game, which the clone is Dark Link (Unless you count Filia's Clone Fukua, who first appeared in the Season 20 Finale, CLONED.)
  • Link's voice has drastically changed in SuperSpy Luigi. In seasons 1-16, his voice was angry, like the You-Guy or Samson. In the Wind Waker HD Special-Present, his voice is nasally and childish.
  • Link is the least appearing main protagonist in SuperSpy Luigi. He is usually seen in the background.
  • In Suits, Link is Bells, which is a German card suit.
  • According to the Writer, Link was born on a Wednesday.