Mario & Luigi's House
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Other attributes
The residence of The Mario Brothers. It is a small house in ToadVille. It rarely appears in SuperSpy Luigi ever since Luigi moved into the SuperSpy Agency.


Mario Mario

Luigi Mario (Formerly)

Princess Peach (Formerly)

Unnamed Toad


Built By: Mario and Luigi (With help from Toad.)

Year Built: 25 Years In The Past.

Wall Color: Yellow

Roof Color: Brown (Formerly red)



LivingRoom: The LivingRoom is a large room. It has a yellow rug on the floor. The walls are painted white, 3 windows can be seen. There is a red couch and green chair. An old and beat-up TV is on the far north of the room.

Kitchen: The Kitchen is a smaller room, but still fairly large. It has walls with sky-blue and white tiles. There is an a microwave (Which is busted), a stove, a fridge, and a counter with chairs all around it. You know, Kitchen stuff.

Bathroom: The Bathroom is the smallest room in the house. It has tan walls, a toilet, a sink (With a bucket under it because it is also busted.) It has a bathtub with a shower. The lightswitch is very fancy compared to other lightswitches in the house.

BedRoom: The bedroom is upstairs. This room has yellow and orange checkred walls. There is a red bed (Mario) and a green bed (Formerly Luigi's.) There is a nightstand with a bizarre-looking lamp.

Basement: The Basement is a creepy place (When is it not?) The place is dark and damp. Many spiders inhabit the Basement. It has many boxes labled "MUSHROOMS."

Attic: The Attic is less depressing than the Basement. It has a small, broken lightbulb on the ceiling, and the floorboards have sharp nails in them. Boxes are also covering the place.