Meta Knight
Vital statistics
Type Warrior
Effects Swordsman
Source Kirby's Adventure
Cost to buy $6.83
Cost to sell $500.99
Meta Knight (メタナイト) is an enemy and sometimes friend of Kirby in the Kirby series. In SuperSpy Luigi, he is the bravest warrior in GameWorld and works alongside Luigi. Later on, he dies in the crash of the Halberd and was never seen again.


Age: Unknown (Adult)

Gender: Male

Species: Possibly Popopo

Eye Color: Black (Yellow when wearing Mask)

Skin Color: Blue

Homeworld: Dreamland

Enemies: Bill Cipher, Valentine, The Spiteful Crow Gang

Type: Boss Monster/Guardian

Element: Warrior/Spacial

Friends: Luigi, Pikachu, Link, Lakitu, Filia

Dislikes: Idiots, Luigi's shennanigans, Being annoyed

Other Names: The Warrior, Blue Kirby


Luigi: Meta Knight doesn't really think Luigi is worthy to be a hero, until he sees Luigi's true potential. He rarely fights alongside Luigi.

Kirby: Meta Knight is a friend and enemy to Kirby throughout the years. They still seems to be Rivals in SuperSpy Luigi, but not exactly unfriendly towards each other.

Pikachu: Meta Knight calls Pikachu a "wild animal" and him and Meta Knight don't get along very well. Pikachu always readys to punce on him, but Luigi splits them up before that happens.

Link: Meta Knight makes fun of Link's ability with the sword, shield, and fighting style. He mockingly asks Link if he needs training. They actually do train together.

Filia: Meta Knight calls Filia a "freak" but still thinks she's a wonderful and intelligent girl on the inside. He thinks it's fun to mess with her (Not in the way you think. Shut that dirty mind off).

Bill Cipher: Meta Knight hates everything about Bill and thinks he's a spoiled, whiny brat that's incapable of creating evil plans. Bill caused his death, anyway. Later on Meta Knight descends from the heavens to fight Bill.





Main Theme #1: Halberd (Kirby's Epic Yarn)





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