The Meta Knight Clone is the newest antagonist of Season 10 of SuperSpy Luigi. He was created out of the remains of Dark Mind. Which makes him less devastating, but still extremely destructive. 

The Battle

In the last episode of season 9, Luigi and friends make it to Spear Pillar only to find out only Luigi is allowed to challenge The Meta Knight Clone, shocking anybody else to death who dares come near the staircase. Luigi runs up the staircase to the final battle as Arceus fights Dialga and Palkia. He makes it to the top and has the final battle with the clone. Luigi gains ultimate power and slaps the sword out of the clones hands and defeats him, only to find out its Dark Mind. But Dark Mind quickly possesses the real Meta Knight and the Spear Pillar explodes, sending Luigi and Meta Knight out onto a platform in space. Meta Knight sends a deadly slash to Luigi's heart, almost killing him. Luckily, Xemnort comes and helps Luigi send the final blow to Dark Mind and Meta Knight.






Battle Theme 1: