"I am Metal Sonic! I am the REAL Sonic!"

Metal Sonic is one of Bill Cipher's assassins and one of Sonic the Hedgehog's most formidable enemies. Metal Sonic journeys all over the Mushroom Kingdom to destroy the SuperSpy Agency.


  • Supersonic Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes
  • Super computer intelligence
  • Telescoping limbs
  • Copying opponent's abilities
  • Grinding
  • Rocket propelled flight
  • Waterproof hardware and frame
  • Outstanding driving skills
  • Chest lasers
  • Transforming into several other forms


Age: None

Gender: Referred to as male

Species: Robotic hedgehog

Family: None

A.K.A: Metal, Copy, Outdated Machine, Android Fake, Metal Monstrosity, Doppelganger, Double


Luigi: Metal Sonic was hacked by Bill Cipher so he only tries to kill Luigi instead of Sonic. Metal Sonic has been going after the green plumber ever since.

Bill Cipher: Metal Sonic actually finds Bill Cipher a good ruler. Metal Sonic fights for Bill and always obeys him. But he does it only because he was hacked by Bill.

Valentine: Metal Sonic mistakens Valentine for Bill Cipher's wife all the time. It's funny every time...until he gets a syringe in his head. Wait, Metal Sonic's made out of metal....uhhhh....