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Missingno.'s Dimension is the main core of Subspace. It consists of several bits and peices from other video game universes. (A.K.A. Missingno.'s Utopia.)


The land consists of several small bits, changing color and appearance every second. There are also moderate sized screens floating around.



Ganmen No Otoko (Screen Men)


SuperSpy Luigi: Super Missingno. World



  • In a flashback, it is shown that the land used to be a flat, flowery field.
  • The screens that float around the world show:
  1. A Shy Guy mask bleeding out of it's eyes and mouth.
  2. "D00M3D" in large print.
  3. A picture of Pikachu and another Pokemon, possibly Missingno.
  4. "1'm n0t what 1 s33m" In small print.
  5. A picture of a boy, possibly Mario2597, But with glitchy edges.
  • The land changes along with Missingno.'s appearance:
  1. Filia- Shows an area from Skullgirls with glitchy areas.
  2. Luigi- Shows the minus world from the first Mario Bros. on the NES.
  3. Pikachu- Shows a disturbing grotesque image of Mt. Silver.
  4. Kirby- Shows a grayscale version of Green Greens.
  • There are backwards messages in the realm. When reversed, they say:
  1. "You don't belong here!"
  2. "Go away! Before it's too late!"
  3. "Leaveleaveleaveleaveleave!"
  4. "Your lives are lies!"
  5. "Pikachu....please....stay....."

Notable Glitches