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Mr. L (ミスターL) is Luigi's Alternate personality that became a living being. He appears in dream sequences and battles along with Luigi or even Bill Cipher sometimes. Mr. L is a secondary protagonist (If you still count him as Luigi, he's main) in SuperSpy Luigi.


Age: 31

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Thought

Affiliations: Luigi, SuperSpy Agency, Potato Gods

Nationality: Italian

Other Names: Green Thunder, Masked Luigi

Type: Boss Monster/Guardian

Element: Shadow/Fire

HomeWorld: Luigi's Dreams

First Appearance: Super Paper Mario (2007)


  • Dream Manipulation: Mr. L can enter and exit Luigi's Dreams and enter the real world through a dream bubble at any time. Even though this hurts him in the process
  • FIreballs: Mr. L blasts barrages of Fireballs
  • Robots
  • Jumps
  • Grabbing items from nowhere.
  • Disappearing
  • Teleportation
  • Green Dragon of Fire


Luigi: Mr. L and Luigi used to be one being, but they both completely forgot about it. They work together very well, even though they do crack jokes about each other sometimes.

Bill Cipher & Valentine: Mr. L despises both of them. What he doesn't know, is that they created him in the first place. Mr L. tags along with Luigi to find and defeat them.

Count Bleck: In the past, Mr L. was actually Luigi hypnotized by Nastasia to work for Count Bleck. Later on, when Count Bleck was defeated by Mario, Mr. L finally realized who he was, but it was too late to do anything about it. Dimentio turned him into Super Dimentio.

Filia: Mr. L constantly mistakens Filia for Luigi's spouse. Filia is afraid to correct him, though.

Dimentio: After the incident with the Chaos Heart, Mr. L searches up and down for Dimentio, which he doesn't know is dead.



"The Green Thunder strikes the lightning!"

"Oh, Me? Just one of Count Bleck's more promising minions....THE GREEN THUNDER! MR. L!"

"I AM MR. L!"


Main Theme: Green Thunder, Mr. L! Brobot Battle: Brobot Battle

Brobot L-Type Battle: Brobot L-Type Battle


[Death]: Mr. L was killed after Bill Cipher and Valentine destroyed the badge that kept him alive.



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