Shouchou Natu
Natu, Master Of Ceremony
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Natu (ネイティ) is the pre-evolution of Xatu and is Xatu's apprentace. Just like his Master, not much is known about the little Pokemon. He is a Psychic type and #177 on the National Pokedex. Natu is a secondary antagonist in SuperSpy Luigi.  


Age: Ageless, but said to be 7 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Unknown, possibly a Demon

Friends: Xatu, Bill Cipher, Valentine, Luigi (Formerly)

Enemies: Luigi, Kirby, Pikachu, Link, Filia, Lakitu, Leapold, Rocky

Affiliations: Bill Cipher, Xatu, Potato Gods (Formerly), Giratina

Type: Boss Monster

Element: Psychic

Other Names: Naty, Nate, Son of the Dark Lord, Buttface

Family: Giratina (Father), Xatu (Close friend), Unnamed Mother

First Appearance: Pokemon Gold & Silver (2000)


Childhood: Natu was a devil-spawn. He was killed several times and tortured by students at his school. Natu tried to warn them about pulling them into the 7th layer of Hell, but nobody listens.

Death: Natu has had several death experiences throughout the series, but his true death is in Natu Dies For Good. Parasoul shoots him 3 times in the head, killing him.


Natu rarely talks, but that is not needed to explain his personality. Just like Xatu, he has hidden evil. Although, he is less serious than Xatu, using his Psychic powers for sick jokes. Natu also has a sad side. He wishes he was a human so people wouldn't make fun of his small size. Poor Natu...


  • Teleportation
  • Psychokinesis
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Mind Control
  • Hypnosis




Battle Theme: Violectrolysis


Natu seems to act very calm, even in the most dangerous situations. He seems to always listen to orders given to him (especially by Xatu or Valentine.) When he is angred though, he realeases his TRUE power.


  • Kicked into space by Luigi


The Green Guy again....

What the hell are you supposed to be?

If it isn't the Hero of Breaking Winds!

What's that THING on your head? Do you need medical help?

You traitor!

 Yes Master!



  • Natu dying over and over again is based on Kenny from South Park and the Co-Creator smashing a cherry tomato.
  • Natu's voice is an imitation of Keroro Gunso's japanese voice and sometimes Damien Thorn's (from South Park) voice.
  • Natu's real name is Shouchou.