Pikachu Tajiri
He is rarely seen without his green headband he got from Luigi.
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Pikachu (ピカチュウ) is a Pokemon and best friend of Luigi. He first appeared in Pokemon Red/Blue and He is very well known compared to other characters. Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokemon and number 25 on the National Pokedex. He is currently a main protagonist.


Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Pokémon

Affiliations: SuperSpy Agency

Nationality: English

Signature Color: Yellow/Red/Green

Type: Protagonist

Element: Electric/Warrior

Homeworld: Unnamed Pokémon World

First Appearance: Pokémon Red & Blue (1998)

Series Debut: Pilot (2003)


Pikachu is very happy, approachable  Pokémon. He doesn't judge people (Except Chatot...he's annoying), and he will go with almost anything. He is brave and will do anything or stand up to anyone to protect his friends. Only downside is that he is occasionally violent towards his friends and enemies and is annoyed frequently by the other Agents in the Agency.


Missingno: Pikachu and Missingno. were the best of friends in the past, before Missingno was a glitch. They were broken apart from each other and never saw each other again until their final confronation in Subspace.

Luigi: Pikachu and Luigi are best friends, almost like brothers. Pikachu was one of Luigi's first partners in fighting evil. Pikachu sometimes becomes annoyed with him like everyone else in the Agency.

Bill Cipher: Pikachu seems annoyed and confused with Bill Cipher. Like every smart person in the Mushroom Kingdom, he finds his cohorts more menacing. Bill is one of the people he blames for the death of his father.

Valentine: Pikachu also seems annoyed and confused with Valentine's existance. Just like Bill, he blames her for the death of his father.


(After Kirby reveals his species): "Sounds like a breakfast cereal..."

"Remember when life used to be simpler?"


Main Theme: Megahammer (Drums)

Main Theme #2: Route 1

Battle Theme #1: Battle! Rival Hugh




  • Electrical abilities
  • Iron tail
  • Acts as a Lightningrod


  • In SuperSpy Luigi: 3D World, the Ancient Tome Luigi found calls Pikachu "The Yellow Rodent."
  • Ash's Pikachu in the anime is SuperSpy Luigi's Pikachu's twin brother.
  • Pikachu's username is ElectricLittleMouse as revealed in Minecrap.
  • With Suit, Pikachu is the Clubs.
  • Pikachu's last name is the same as the creator of Pokémon's, who's full name is Satoshi Tajiri.