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Toads (キノピオ) are the main inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom. There are several different types of Toads in this land and are usually important to a Story. Not referring to the amphibian, but the character that first appeared in Super Mario Bros and became a recurring character after that.

Notable Toads

[Blue Toad]: The Toad at Lakitu's Agency is a potty-mouth with anger issues. He owns a bazooka and is a character in the Main Cast in SuperSpy Luigi.

[Stupid Toad]: Also inhabiting the Agency, this Toad has no brain and causes problems.

  • [Citizens]: The Toad citizens inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom. There are thousands of them.
  • [Green Toad]: The Green Toad is skilled and swift. He joined the Agency in the Thanksgiving Special.
  • [Toad Guards]: Toads wearing Gasmasks and holding spears. They first appeared in the Thanksgiving Special. Toad Guards are the police of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • [Toad Clone]: An evil version of the Agency Toad.
  • [Stoner Toad]: A Toad with a raspy voice that appeared throughout the episode Craig, The Umbrella Spirit. He later on appeared every time Luigi visited the Canopy Kingdom.
  • [Gray Toad]: Gray Toad is always getting murdered and always has his house catching on fire.
  • [Rancid Toads]: Beat up, messy Toads that live in the Mushroom Badlands.They are mindless savages.
  • [Perverted Toads]: Strange Toads that appeared in Comic Prizes as the main antagonists. One appeared to be mentally insane, one wearing suspenders and had a turtle-like beak, the last one wore a mask, so his features are never seen. They got their hands on the X-ray Glasses, and they headed to the Canopy Kingdom, until Luigi defeated them and destroyed the Glasses.
  • [Robot Toad]: Robotic Toad guardians. They guard most banks.

SubWorld Guardians

SubWorld Guardians are Toads that guard the GameWorld's SubWorlds. They were chosen by Arceus and Xemnort to protect the land.