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Weegee (悪のルイジ) is a recurring antagonist in SuperSpy Luigi. He is an evil version of Luigi that was locked away in the Endless Stairs, but soon rose again to wreak havoc on GameWorld.


Age: 30

Gender: Male

Species: Mind Demon, Human

Occupation: Destroyer Of Universes

Orientation: Straight

Eye Color: Blue

Affiliation: Evil


Origin: Mario Is Missing!

Homeworld: SubSpace


  • Lasers
  • Using the "Weegee Disease" to create more Weegees for his evil army
  • Jumps
  • Dream Manipulation
  • Invisibility
  • Flight
  • Rainbows


  • The Weegee Virus (2012, Season One's Finale, First Appearance)


Luigi: Weegee wants to take revenge on Luigi for destroying Planet Weegee, defeating him, and locking him in the endless stairs. Weegee awakens in the Year 2011 only to be shot into space and defeated once again.

Bill Cipher: Bill Cipher took the place of Weegee. Weegee becomes enraged with Bill, beats the daylights out of him, and manages to take over GameWorld. Of course, Luigi stops him.

Mario: Weegee thinks Mario is a curse brought upon him and tries to stay far away from him. Mario eventually fights him and defeats him in a single swipe.

Peach and Toad: Princess Peach were the first victims to fall to the Weegee Disease. Weegee never saw them again after that happened. Luckily, they were healed by Lakitu.

Floating Mario Head: Weegee only uses the Mario Head in Season 1's Finale as his weapon of destruction. After the Mario Head is defeated, it explodes, sending Weegee into a lake and to his demise.

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"Hey guys....How's it goin'?"


Battle Theme: Champion of Destruction